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"THE SWEETEST THING"『クリスティーナの好きなコト』SCREENPLAY2対訳Sweetest Thing


EXT. CLUB NIGHT - There is a long line of people waiting to enter the club. The three women march to the front of the line and greet the bouncer, WALDO.



ex. Look, many people are standing in a line. (見ろよ、 人がいっぱい並んでるぜ)


Hush Waldo

この映画の登場人物の名前は明らかに彼らがど ういう人物かを示すネーミングになっている。 Hush は自動詞で 「「しっ」 と言う」、 または 「静かに!」と言う意味であるが、 この名が示 す通り、あとで Shut up! と叫ぶ人物である。

WALDO : Hey, Christina. Courtney.

Waldo kisses Christina and Courtney. The two women introduce Jane. 

WALDO : Hello, Jane.
COURTNEY: That's Waldo.
JANE : Hello, Waldo. Hello.

WALDO : Welcome.

The three friends enter the club.

COURTNEY: Thank you.


The line of people protest that the three women did not have to wait in line. 

WALDO : Shut up!

INT. CLUB-NIGHT- The three women survey the club, then head into the crowd.

CHRISTINA: Okay, girls, let's go.

COURTNEY: This is it, Jane.

CHRISTINA: Whoo! You go, baby! Uh-huh. Whoo!

Jane stops to watch a go-go dancer, but is pulled away by Courtney.


■ go-go dancer

= shindig dancer



INT. CLUB - LATER - Courtney and Christina dance while Jane sits on the sidelines. An over eager man starts to wildly dance with Christina.



踊り場から離れた、 休憩用にテーブルや椅子が置いてある所のこと。



「過剰に 〜しすぎる」

  1. The street was overcrowded on the weekend. (週末、その通りはあまりにも混雑していた)



MAN: Right here, baby.

CHRISTINA: Oh, my God. 

Jane is grabbed and pulled onto a waterbed by a drunk woman.


マットレスとして、 水を入れたビニール製の袋を用いたベッド。


 Another man, DONNY, joins his friend in trying to pick up Christina and Courtney. 

DONNY : Hey, hey, hey. Look at the shoulder, baby.

Bounce it, baby. Check it out, baby. Yeah.

The two men begin dancing around the women. 

DONNY : What's your name, baby? Uh-huh.

Oh, here we go, yeah. Circle of love, circle of love! Whoa! Monkey business, monkey business.

monkey business

「遊ぼうよ、 遊ぼうよ」 と、輪を作って回りながらふざけている。


Christina and Courtney leave the dance floor. 

CHRISTINA&COURTNEY: We're gonna go now.
COURTNEY: We gotta go.

CHRISTINA&COURTNEY: Bye boys! We're gonna chop, chop, chop, chop it up. Chop it up. Chop it up.

The two friends find Jane sitting on the waterbed and attack her. 

CHRISTINA: Oh, my God. It's like Siegfried & Roy or something.

■Siegfried & Roy

ラスベガスのマジックショー。 象や虎を一瞬に して消し去る演技で人気。 白い虎の演技が売 り。


A waitress brings over two martinis for Courtney and Christina. 

WAITRESS: Martinis, ladies.
CHRISTINA: Thank you.


ライジンベルモットを混ぜ、レモンピール をしぼりかけ、好みでオリーブを飾るカクテル。 材料は少ないものの、人によってこだわりが強 いカクテルで、 バリエーションも含めると、 数 千のレシピがある。 「カクテルはマティーニに始 まり、 マティーニに終わる」 と言われ、多くの 人に愛されている。

WAITRESS : Compliments of the gentleman at the bar.


「よろしく」 という意味でも使う言葉。

  1. Give my compliments to your parents.


CHRISTINA: Which one?

The three women look at the bar to see a good-looking man, LEATHER COAT GUY. 

COURTNEY: Ooh, thank you, Leather Coat Guy.

Courtney and Christina toast their drinks. 


COURTNEY: Leather Coat Guy is looking kinda good.
CHRISTINA: Yes, he is.


= kind of


ex. She's kind of chatty. (彼女、ちょっとおしゃべりね)

COURTNEY : Shotgun!





Courtney jumps up and goes to the bar. 


Courtney and Leather Coat Guy strike up a conversation. 

COURTNEY : What's up?

LEATHER COAT GUY : Nothin'. What's up with you?

COURTNEY : Nothin'.

What's up with you?

LEATHER COAT GUY : Nothin'. What's up with you?

COURTNEY : Nothin'.

On the waterbed, Jane takes Christina's martini and drinks it. 

JANE : You know, I am having the best time.

CHRISTINA: Are you, sweetie?

Are you, sweetie?


ex. "I saw Steven walking with Mary last night." "Did you?" (「昨日の夜、スティーブン とがメアリーと歩いてるの見ちゃった。」「本 当?」)

JANE : My boyfriend just dumped me. I'm here at this club where no one wants to talk to me. And I wanna go home.


Christina drags Jane to a different area of the bar. 

JANE : No. Christina, I can't do this.

CHRISTINA: Yes, you can. It's really very easy.


Christina pinches PETER DONAHUE, a man who just happened to be walking by, on the butt.


Christina, in a laughing whisper, talks to Jane. 

CHRISTINA: Oh, my God. I just pinched his ass.


つねる部分は、"on the ~" で表す。

  1. My sister pinched me on the upper arm.



Peter turns around and introduces himself. 

PETER : I'm sorry. Hi.

CHRISTINA: Hi. What's your name?

PETER : Peter. Why...

CHRISTINA: Peter, this is my friend, Jane. Jane would love to dance.
JANE : Oh, hey.

PETER : Hi. Uh, Jane, I don't mean to be rude, but I have some friends waiting for me.

Nice to meet you, though.


文尾につけて、「でも、そうは言っても」という 意味を表し、直前に言ったことと相容れないこ とを言う時に使う。

  1. I really wanna see you. I don't know what time l'll be able to go, though. (ほんとに君に会いたいんだ。と言っても何時に行けるかわかんないんだけど)


Christina sings and dances around the two.

CHRISTINA: (sings) Dancing together Peter and Jane Love is in the air


I Love is... air

John Paul Young が70年代にヒットさせた曲 "Love is in the Air" のタイトルにかけて、「愛 はこれから」とジェーンとピーターをけしかけ ている。この歌は、オーストラリアの映画、 "Strictly Ballroom" の主題歌で、2000年のシ ドニーオリンピックの閉会式でも使われた。


Peter turns to leave. 

JANE : Oh, he hated me. I suck.

CHRISTINA: You do not suck. That guy was a dick.


この映画では暗にセクシャルな意味を持つ単語 が多く使用されている。この単語もその1つで、 小文字で「ペニス」、「男根」(卑)という意味で もある。


Peter hears what Christina says, turns around and taps her on the shoulder. 

CHRISTINA: Look, I'm gonna make sure that you have fun tonight if it's the last thing...


話し言葉で、「いいかい、よく聞きなさい」と、 本題に入る前に注意を喚起する呼びかけ。

ex. Look, this is a secret between us. (いい?これは私達だけの秘密よ)

PETER : I'm sorry. What did you just call me?

Christina turns around and gives a little nervous laugh. 

PETER : Yeah. You just called me a dick. I heard you. Why am I a dick?

CHRISTINA: Uh, well because you... I didn't like the way you treated my friend.

PETER : Wait. I didn't do anything to your friend.

Jane turns to see a very good looking guy, HOT SEX, looking at her from across the bar.


CHRISTINA: Well, you barely gave her the time of day.

PETER : Uh, no. You tried to pawn me off on her and I didn't go for it. That makes me a dick?

CHRISTINA: Pawn you off on her?

PETER: Am la dick?

JANE: No. 

CHRISTINA: Listen, you should be so lucky to even talk to someone as hot and sweet as Jane.

Hot Sex motions for Jane to come over to him, and she obliges. 

PETER : Well, excuse me, okay.

CHRISTINA: Hey, I wasn't suggesting that the two of you get married. I just thought maybe you could get it on.

get it on


PETER : What?

CHRISTINA: Excuse me.

PETER: Get it on?

CHRISTINA: Okay, I was trying to do you a favor. 

PETER : You know nothing about me. What if l'm some psycho serial killer, or something like that?

serial killer

2002年10月にワシントン近郊で起こった連続 殺人は、合計13人(その内、 死者10人) を銃で 撃った事件だったが、この連続狙撃犯は serial sniper と呼ばれた。

CHRISTINA: And what if Jane was the girl of your dreams, but you'll never know?


ピーターが仮定の話をしたので、 クリスティー ナはそれを茶化して、自分も仮定の話を続行さ せて、対抗心をむき出しにしている。


what if


  1. What if I would say yes? (私がイエスと言ったらどうするの?)

    PETER : Oh, that is the sweetest thing.

    I never thought I'd meet the girl of my dreams by having somebody grab me in a bar and say:

    "Hey, you man, I have good woman for you. She is very hot and sweet. She is there. Jane!

    You dance for the man!"

    You dance... man

    命令文の前にyou をつけて、相手を明確にすることがある。

    ex. You go first. And, you go after him. (あなたがまず行きなさい。そして、あなたは彼の後を追いなさい)

    CHRISTINA: Wait. Maybe that's your problem.

    PETER : Wait. Wait. What's my problem?

    CHRISTINA: I don't know. Maybe if you didn't play it so safe, Mr. Safety Poo...

    Christina unzips Peter's shirt.

    PETER: Hey!


    Mr. Safety Poo

    「憶病者のおバ力さん」という意味。Poo はpoop(まぬけ、バカ、ぐず)を表す。

    CHRISTINA: You might actually, I don't know, meet a girl that you could have fun with.

    PETER : And this brilliant love advice comes from one who loves to play games with men.

    Always in control. That way, she never has to get too close.

    Nice manners, by the way.

    Peter walks off and Christina discovers that Jane has disappeared. 

    CHRISTINA: Where the hell did that guy...

    I the hell


    ex. What the hell are you talking about? (一体全体何の話だい)

Jane? Jane?

Still at the bar are Courtney and Leather Jacket Guy. 

LEATHER JACKET GUY: What's up with you?

COURTNEY : Nothin'.

What's up with you?

INT. WOMEN'S BATHROOM - LATER - A very drunk girl is over the sink throwing up.

DRUNK GIRL : I can't believe he brought that bitch to our bar.

WOMAN 1: Forget her, she's a skeev. This is our bar.

DRUNK GIRL : But is she prettier than me?

WOMAN 1: Of course not, you're beautiful.

The drunken girl throws up all over her friend.

WOMAN 1: Oh, my God, you fucking bitch!

Courtney and Christina touch up their make-up. 

COURTNEY : I can't believe you grabbed his ass.

CHRISTINA: I know. But he comes right into my face and he starts telling me all this stupid stuff...

about how I like to play games and always be in control so I don't never get too close.

And can you believe him?

Several women are looking at Courtney as she adjusts her ample bosom. 



COURTNEY : Nothin'. I've just never seen you act like this before, that's all.

CHRISTINA: Act like what?

Courtney tells a SMALL BREASTED WOMAN that her breasts are not real. 

COURTNEY : They're fake.

All bahjiggity about some guy.

CHRISTINA: You calling me bahjiggity?

The small breasted woman comes to talk to Courtney. 

SMALL BREASTED WOMAN : I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to stare.

COURTNEY : Oh, no, that's cool. It's why I got 'em.

CHRISTINA: I'm not bahjiggity.

COURTNEY : You are so bahjiggity.

SMALL BREASTED WOMAN : They look real.

COURTNEY : Oh, thank you. You can touch it if you want to.
SMALL BREASTED WOMAN : No, no, no, no, no.

CHRISTINA: Touch it.
COURTNEY : Really.
CHRISTINA: She likes it.

COURTNEY : It's fine. Go ahead. It feels real, huh?



  1. You went go out with her last night, huh?(おまえ、昨日の夜、彼女とデートしただろ)

The woman feels Courtney's breasts. 

CHRISTINA: If I'm bahjiggity about this guy Peter, it's only because you're telling me I am.

COURTNEY : Oh, my God.

COURTNEY : You've named the puppy.
CHRISTINA: I did not.

COURTNEY : You just called him Peter.

SMALL BREASTED WOMAN : Shell, you've got to come over and feel these things.

COURTNEY : I'm psychic and I just knew that his name was Peter.

The woman's friend, SHELLEY, comes over to feel Courtney's breasts.

SHELLEY: You mind if I...? 

COURTNEY : Knock your socks off.

SHELLEY : So soft.


EXT / INT. WOMEN'S BATHROOM - NIGHT - Two men walk by the open door of the women's bathroom and see the women feeling Courtney up.

They are so surprised, that they slip and fall. 

MAN 1 : Oh, fuck.

WOMAN 2 : Wow. I am so getting a pair.

I am... pair




The two men try to peer through the glass in the door. 

MAN 1 : What'd I tell you? That's why chicks always go to the bathroom together.

INT. WOMEN'S BATHROOM - NIGHT - The women continue to touch

Courtney's breasts and talk.

COURTNEY : Chris, it's so obvious that you like this guy.
WOMAN 2 : They're so cool.
COURTNEY : Well, why are you being such a pussy about it?

CHRISTINA: Why are you making such a big deal out of it?

If you haven't noticed, there's plenty of guys out there.
COURTNEY : Mm-hmm.


NIGHT - Christina leaves the bathroom, knocking the two men to the floor, as well as Peter who is walking by, causing him to spill his drink. 

CHRISTINA: See you later.

MAN 2 & CHRISTINA : What's your problem?

MAN 1 : What's your problem?



Courtney comes out of the bathroom. 

COURTNEY : Hey, Peter.
PETER : Huh?

キャメロンディアス(Cameron Diaz)

1972年8月30日、カリフォルニア州サンディエゴ生まれ。子どもの頃は動物好きのため、動物学を勉強するのが夢だった。16歳でトップクラスのモデルエイジェンシーと契約し、ファッションモデルとして活躍。日本にも1989年の6月から8月まで滞在した。コカ·コーラ、ニベア、フィネスのCMにも出演している。高校卒業後、エイジェンシーの勧めで受けた『マスク」(1994)のオーディションに合格し、ショー·ガールとしてスクリーンデビュー。『メリーに首ったけ』(1998)ではゴールデン·グロープ主演女優賞にノミネートされる。その他、「彼女は最高』(1996)、『ベスト·フレンズ·ウェディング」(1997)、「マルコヴィッチの穴』(1999)、『チャーリーズ·エンジェル』(2000)に出演。愛くるしい顔だちと、抜群のプロポーションで、ハリウッドで数少ない顔も胸も整形手術をしていない女優と言われている。1995年イギリスの Empire 誌の「世界で最もセクシーな100人』の13位となり、1998年には People 紙の『世界で最も美しい50人』にも選ばれた。ロマンティック·コメディーには、今や欠かせない存在。ナチュラルな雰囲気が売りで、女性ファンも多い。デザイナーが最も自分の服を着せたい女優のN..1 (No.2はリブ·タイラー)でもある。大の猫好き。家族を大事にし、両親が撮影に来るほどで、「メリーに首ったけ」の刑務所のシーンには、彼女の父親が出演している。